Someone asked me yesterday if I was sure my medical issues were caused by Agent Orange.
I had to laugh inside.
My father’s direct exposure to the herbicidal warfare chemical known as Agent Orange had been sprayed in his mouth directly more than once while installing telecommunication lines in the brush while it was being sprayed. He died a painful and debilitating death.

I have a mutated gene as a direct result from that. I passed that gene to my son.

I have to say at first I was shocked to be asked such a ignorant question.
But the facts are.

#1) The government does NOT want to take responsibility for children of war.
#2) They even deny many Veteran’s compensation suffering from exposure to Agent Orange.
#3) I indeed do have a gene mutation that was found accidentally by my dermatologist.
#4) I am septic from myself
#5) I am even allergic to dead skin cells

I can make this list go on and on. The fact of the matter is.

“I am a  government experiment.”

“I am a child of warfare.”

“I am not alone.”

I could have said some very unpleasant things. But that is not who I am.
I am a college educated individual that got dealt a dirty hand.

Due to this, yes I am sick. Thousands more are as well.
The point?

I want to spread awareness. Not just for me! Yes, we indeed do have multiple appointments a day several days a week.
I need to be able to get my son and I back and forth to our appointments.
I DO NOT want to stop living just because I have good days and bad days, on a bad day I would love to go skydiving!

Down or not, I AM ALIVE, WE ARE ALIVE! I love life, I love living.

This has been ignored for too long and it needs to stop now.

Life is hard, but I love it. Spiritually I am strong, I am a warrior.
Nothing is free and I take nothing for granted.
Without challenge where would I be?

Growing up, yes, I had “special needs” but my parents made sure I never let it stop me from living. But push me to be a better me.

I want the world to know. Disabilities is a label not a person.
I may have special needs, others have even more!
I count my blessings daily, I am grateful for life, grass, trees, family, friends, the fact that there is beauty in all, God is in all.

Dawn Piercy ©2014


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