OK, so I had, this isn’t funny but really, what can I do but try, try again 😀
It’s no secret, I can not physically type anymore due to a few more special needs that have shown up in my life since I started this site.
Originally, I started this site for my love of writing, poetry, art, photography, what have you.
I am working on a syfy series, I have finished up my book of poetry, I am adding graphics to it.

I will be and do use surnames and will let everyone when, where, how.

A week and a half ago, my wonderful new “speech to text” venue went hay wire, object replaced.  Yes.  Book that I backed up and saved anywhere?  No.
Cyberspace? I have no idea. I am going to search a few more places. Yes, I do have original backed up. But have to say after spending so much time writing it over and over to lose it again?
Yes. I will be getting back to work on that ASAP.
First, I am going to do a little fine tuning in myself. Do what I can to reach out and help others, but before I can do that I have to help myself and keep us up and moving.

That is where this new video blog and blog is coming in.
I can write to no end. (Now that I have a speech to text format):-D
I have tried to just do the best I can physically to keep on. This March,
On the 8th,2014, will be a great move forward for my son and I. I hope, will hang on to the faith I have.
Some days I wake up and can move.
Some days, upon awaking I am paralyzed from the waist down.
Neurological issue called Cataplexy, to go along with the whole package deal of being a prodigy of war. (Herbicidel warfare)

My son will be starting medical and neurological care  M-F, 5 days a week. The first week of March.
I, as his mother, his protector, his mentor, his advocate, his care taker, his representative. And having an advocate for myself as well as my own care taker. 


Veteran’s are suffering, homeless, disabled,  going without medical treatment? Why?
What about their families?
Are they affected by Agent Orange?
Do they have disabled children as well?

I know there is thousands of others suffering due to Agent Orange. A lot are off way worse than I.  Some in the bracket but still able to function.

I know that I want to show my son.  No matter what,  anything and everything is possible. The sky is limitless. I want to watch my son grow up to be a fully functioning adult some day. To be able to overcome any obstacle to ever come our way with patience, endurance, inner strength of our spirit and soul.
To never give up.
Please pass this along to any Veteran’s and those who serve.

I am now an active and registered member of COVVHA , Children’s of Vietnam Veteran’s Health Alliance.
I will be printing flyers out for VFW Fundraiser event.  Also for Veteran’s affected there is Agent Orange Legacy.

Remember, you are not alone!

I pray, pray, pray that this event coming up can help us live a more stable lifestyle of knowing that if I wake up and can’t move, we can still go about our day. I will be free of shackles and always not knowing how I will be one day to the next.

Dawn Piercy
February, 2014

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