Broken Pieces

I hate you for leaving;
Why did you not stay?
I hate that you where
Weak and that when
You finally had a chance
You turned and walked
Weak willed over dope.

I love you for
I hate you for dying;

Jails, Institutions and Death;
I took you endless meetings
Just to show you that!
You had a choice!
You walked away
I hate you
For that.

I hate all of you
That use and abuse,

I want my Carrie back!

I loved you too much,
I couldn’t look back.

13 years ago,
I chose to live;
I chose N.A.,
I chose to stay!

I miss you so much,
Still ache everyday,
I just can not seem
To get the pain to go

Today is your Birthday;

Piss on addiction!
To all of you that

Live or Die.
You have a choice.

I chose life.

Dawn Piercy ©2014


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