The Well


My soul is

Screeching so
I hear an echo
Help me!
Help me!
Help me now!

As if I am
In a crowd with
A million people
Just staring down;

My only choice is to
Look up,
I try to climb but
Keep falling down;

My mind says to do it,
Just do it now;

As I look up into
An overcrowded
I reach up to all
The people that just
Keep staring down;

I reach up my arms
Wave my hands around;

I scream and I plead,
I need help up!
I need help up now!

I am not a person
To plead nor
To kneel,
I don’t ask for help
Unless I am drowning
And falling down;

It takes a strong
To reach and
Ask for help.

I am at my
Wits end and
I need to heal

So I reached up
Asked as I
You now;

I never asked for
Until I fell into
This well
Started drowning;

A well not made
For wishing,
But made for war,
Drowning millions of
Us now!

Dawn Piercy © 2014

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