Just a blog


I am only going to write today. Make a blog. Life has been so busy, like the spring and summer bees buzzing by. The hopes that they don’t land on you and sting you, Lord forbid. Then the busy little bee will buzz off and die. Everything this spring and summer has gone by in such a flash, like a last blink and shutter of an eye before you drift off into dream land. Life has been exceptionally great to us this year. But not without hard work on my part. I have to say, no matter how hard you pray,  if you don’t take the steps, prayers will go unanswered. I have prayed, taken the steps and yes indeed, my prayers were heard as well as answered. Life is good. God is great. Never give up. Trials and tribulations are here in our lives for a reason. To make us spiritual warriors and strengthen or hearts as well as minds.
I myself believe there is good in all religion. No religion is wrong for there is only one God, one main source. I believe in all of them. So if anyone is struggling, never give up. Be a warrior. There is a light at the end of every tunnel no matter how lost you may get. Listen to your soul, not just your heart and mind. Every religion has its purpose, God made one specific for each of his children. I am 3/4 Native American and 1/4 royal mess, I do follow and believe in my native roots the most, but know God, our only Creator made his Grand design specific. We have a saying in our Native beliefs “All my relations.” And now we shall be “Idle No More.”
Make today the best day possible, just because you have the choice to do so.
Dawn “Buffalo Woman” Piercy