Dawn Piercy

Slipping through in

the night;

Frightening my child

as he sleeps

in the night;

Waking him,

they speak,

they tell my son

it is his

mother they have

come for,

it is her they

want to keep;


it is his mother

that they fear,

so they frighten

him instead;

They are cowards

coming here;

I will lock them in

forever deep;

They crawl into

his dreams,

then he starts

to scream as

they ly

dead rotted bodies

at his feet;

He comes into my room


If as he still is


He tells me

the shadow men came

for him,

slipping through as


slipping through as


Wrapping him from

his feet

up to

his tiny face;

This is so

he may not


He crawls now


my bed at


all I can do

is hold him tight;

He tells me

 they can not


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