Seraphim o’

Fallen from above,
Only due
you once
Had truley

God has forsaken
Took away his love;

You only tried to help,
More you loved;

Now forsaken,
From above;

Yet you still have
To do his bidding,
When judgement
Is to come;

Three sent to
Each direction;

Twelve of you
Had fallen;

Fallen from above,
a gate to guard,
To dimensions,
For when that
day does come;

Yet no love from him

Only one Seraphim
Remains that has
Not given up her love,
She still loves our God

Assigned to the south
Gate she waits;

Third dimension she’s

And still forsaken,
Because a human
She did love.

©Dawn Piercy 2013

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

How much more despicable can the DNR be when catering to their bear hounder puppet masters? You are not going to like the answer. The Wisconsin DNR is proposing to allow hounders to pit their dogs against wolves with very few restrictions and even believing that Judge Anderson’s recent ruling gives them full endorsement to do so. If you care anything for wolves or wildlife this document will make you furious:

Essentially the DNR document that outlines this disgusting proposal uses hearsay from bear hounders and their propaganda to justify what they will be doing to wolves. They even contradict themselves numerous times while openly admitting that bear hounders broke the law by “accidentally” “trailing” wolves when they were and endangered species. To sum up what the document allows:

  • No breed restrictions will be in place. This means that hounders can choose breeds specifically bred to fight wolves to…

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