This Year

This year has been

by far the roughest

year of my life.

I try not to

take it,

with too much

pain nor strife.

I want to scream,

I want to


I am not gonna lie.

Death after death,

it what it has been

this year;

Just within our


it has been more

than one can bear;

Four for my side

just this year;

This year is though

coming to it’s


I pray this is it,

But only the Lord

above knows;

The year of

the Dragon,

this is my sign,

waves of change

over and over

and over this time.

I will walk into

this new year,

I will hold my head

really high;

I will wear

a smile,

and force myself

to walk a mile.

No pain,

No gain,

is what I have

been told.

I hold this

to my heart,

and force another


Through the pain,

through the sorrow,

I will awaken

to a new day tomorrow;

I will hold false


until I believe

it myself;

I will fake it,

until I make it,

that is no joke;

My hope for tomorrow,

is that there

will be less strife;

I am tired of feeling

like I am eating

a knife.

A new resolution

I will make once


Hold my head higher


do what I can.

I will force myself

to walk

further and further

even in pain.

So if you

are weeping,

weeping all night,

release it

and give it away,

don’t put up a fight.

You will get stronger,

this I know to be true,

I know to be


And this is

just one small reason,

why I like to write.

©Dawn Piercy 2012



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