I have been pondering
A lot lately over doings
Of this life;
I know I am forgiven
Due to it is to God I
Have given over my life,
I strive each day
Every single night.
To pray and watch each
Word that comes from
My mouth and live a
Completely honest and
Pure life.
My roots run deep within
My belief.
There is only one God.
No matter what religion
No matter what race
No one has a right to
Judge another except
God himself.
He is forgiving if you are
Pure and repent.
I write a lot of poetry
And it’s been through
Different times of my
Through times of ignorance,
Times of strife,grief,loss and pain.
God knows my heart,
He knows my soul more
Than any other being.
It is only him I owe my
Gratitude to and my parents
That never gave up on me
Through my most trying of
Times. Family is important.
Remember one day judgement
Will come. Angels will come
For souls to be judged.
Do you know where you stand?
Believe for it is all true.
I live on faith, it is all I have.
God’s good grace has brought
Me and has made me into who
I am.
©Dawn Piercy 2012


United we stand
Divided we fall.
Idle No More!

Shadows Deep

Slipping through in

the night;

Frightening my child

as he sleeps

in the night;

Waking him,

they speak,

they tell my son

it is his

mother they have

come for,

it is her they

want to keep;


it is his mother

that they fear,

so they frighten

him instead;

They are cowards

coming here;

I will lock them in

forever deep;

They crawl into

his dreams,

then he starts

to scream as

they ly

dead rotted bodies

at his feet;

He comes into my room


If as he still is


He tells me

the shadow men came

for him,

slipping through as


slipping through as


Wrapping him from

his feet

up to

his tiny face;

This is so

he may not


He crawls now


my bed at


all I can do

is hold him tight;

He tells me

 they can not


wherever I may dwell,

wherever I may sleep,

that they fear



very deep;

The shadow spirits


I am not the weak,

I will lock them in forever


An eternity of


This is their

true fate;

Seraphim fallen from


another race;

I will one day take

them to their judgement,

lock them in

that dreaded place;

The shadows are no more,


my home they


no more;

I have cast them


my home once more,


never to return;

They have left my

son alone for



I still scream

for Gods good


Even though I’m


I hold my son


every night and


© Dawn Piercy 2012

This Year

This year has been

by far the roughest

year of my life.

I try not to

take it,

with too much

pain nor strife.

I want to scream,

I want to


I am not gonna lie.

Death after death,

it what it has been

this year;

Just within our


it has been more

than one can bear;

Four for my side

just this year;

This year is though

coming to it’s


I pray this is it,

But only the Lord

above knows;

The year of

the Dragon,

this is my sign,

waves of change

over and over

and over this time.

I will walk into

this new year,

I will hold my head

really high;

I will wear

a smile,

and force myself

to walk a mile.

No pain,

No gain,

is what I have

been told.

I hold this

to my heart,

and force another


Through the pain,

through the sorrow,

I will awaken

to a new day tomorrow;

I will hold false


until I believe

it myself;

I will fake it,

until I make it,

that is no joke;

My hope for tomorrow,

is that there

will be less strife;

I am tired of feeling

like I am eating

a knife.

A new resolution

I will make once


Hold my head higher


do what I can.

I will force myself

to walk

further and further

even in pain.

So if you

are weeping,

weeping all night,

release it

and give it away,

don’t put up a fight.

You will get stronger,

this I know to be true,

I know to be


And this is

just one small reason,

why I like to write.

©Dawn Piercy 2012


Indroduction to Ride “A Science Fiction Autobiography”



    Wow, what can I say? So far looking back,in the last 35 years my
life has been quite the ride. Where to start? All I can say is no matter who
or where you are, when a ride is a ride it can really throw you for a loop.
I have a delay in telling you about how crazy of a ride it has been but, what
the hell.

    It all started the day I was born, imagine that. As far back as I can
remember I’ve always been so to say “different”. Some call me a vampire,
some say I’m not from here, but from some distant planet, beyond human
knowledge, some call me shape-shifter, morpher, skinwalker, fairy,
goddess,angel and the list goes on. Depends on who I speak
to when they are trying to figure this unknown knowledge out. So who am
I you ask? What am I? These things I have all asked myself a trillion times
myself, to be honest I still don’t know 100% of the time. At least not until a turn of recent events shed light upon my entire life and identity as a whole.

    I am fast, immeasureably fast, I am strong, very strong and not in
the basic human way, to the point I am stronger then the body I dwell in
presently to allow. I have broken almost every bone in my body doing
things that are just not possible.I do indeed drink blood, I lust for it, I am
empowered by drinking it. Can I live without it? I really can’t answer that
question, but I do know that I am much stronger with it. I also have that
found ability to drain a person or in fact multiple people of their life essence
or so called energy into my own body just by standing near them. When I
do touch them they have passed out and have slept for days, a few have died. By absorbing anothers life force it has some of the same effect that drinking blood does,it however does not last as long as i would like it to.

    I can leave this body I currently reside in at the drop of a hat and  
go to the deepest sea if I choose or to the most distant of planets in a
matter seconds at light speed. I can enter the mind as well as dreams of
any living creature at anytime I please, as well as use compulsion on the
weak willed to get my way.

    I am not just a being of destruction, but a powerful healer as well, I
can not touch the ill though or I for some reason unknown take on
whatever sickness the person has, so I use a fan made of feathers, this
way I don’t have to touch the ill, I start first by cleansing the person of their
impurities and allow another spirit being to enter threw my body and into
theirs. weird huh? Well, it works.

    A few people that have now become friends actually have had the
opportunity or to say have had the blessing (if any even wish to call it that)
of actually seeing my inner being. I look like a gargoyle, flesh colored like
you humans. Some unfortunate people have seen the real me,striking fear
so deep they are forever changed. I enjoy feeding on their fear, actually I
get a high from it.

    Whatever, whoever I am, I love life, I do not want to lose it. For the
body I preside in is not immortal, unlike most supernatural stories told.
This fact makes me sad, very sad. I am 35 yrs old. I am too great to wither
and die. So this is why I am letting you in on my story. Like I said, it is
quite the ride and so far I love it.

Image©Dawn Piercy 2012

All rights reserved

A Further World

Your looking,



For a further world


A land so far,


Always near;

Watching all,

Keep a

Listening ear;

Your times

Cut short;

Now sets in


With eyes wide


It is very


It is very


To find;

A further world

Of mine;

Your mind is

Out of here;

Not knowing


Not knowing


Though you know,

You have

Traveled there;

You think your

Only dreaming,

Now it is

Almost gone;

That is now

Your fear;

It was only

Just a dream;

This is

What you say;

For now you

Fall astray;

As though your


Has gone away;

Once you thought

You had awoke;

Never more

A word was spoke;

You still

Wonder everyday,

Of a

Further world nearby.

© Dawn Piercy(Mendoza)2002-2012

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