Feeling Darkness

The feeling of silence;

Is the feeling of death;

Always wondering,

What is going to happen next?

Will it be death?

It is all a frantic mess;

Your adrenaline races,

Your heart runs bases;

You lose your breath;

They become very short;

As you look around the darkened room,

You ask yourself;

Is this what my whole life was worth?

As short as my breath?

For now it seems my next step is death;

Could you have had anything,

You wanted in life?

You now see a light;

It seems so distant,

Yet still so bright;

Do you realize what,

You have become?

Your heart now beats like a broken drum;

The light gets closer,

You tried to reach it;

But now it is to far,

Not as bright anymore;

It is now too faint;

You hear a sound,

It makes you jump;

Your heart has made,

Its’ final pump;

All of it is gone;

Your life is no more;

I have to say;

I thought you would never,

Lose that light in your eyes.

Dawn Piercy©1994

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