Cousins Part 2

Was playing around with the relative finder last night and took some screenshots…this is actually really cool…it is my cousins of course but none the less…oh and shows how I’m related to who…pretty cool…I’m the yellow living person.  Continue reading Cousins Part 2

Need vs Want

As anyone that follows me knows.  My blog usually consist of a few straight categories.  About me, my poetry, my Art, Family History, Photography and a plan here and there which let’s face it, I sometimes get derailed. Life happens.  I have mostly learned everything the hard way and I learn and have learned from my mistakes.  I am not insane.

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Link to Family Tree

I’m not sure if the pages are showing up for everyone while my computer is down.  I’ve been having to use my cellphone to do everything.  Working on getting my computer back up!

Click here… Family Tree page


Dawn Piercy, PhD 2016