January Goodness

Ok so I know sooooo much chaos is embarking on and in the world I wanted to take the time to reflect all the positive things going on in my little world. Of course I am an optimist and I always look to see the light in whatever situation is going on around me and within. Starting with this January 2017 has been so full of wonderful things for me personally.   Continue reading January Goodness

Where Are You?


#truth STOP lowering yourself to tasteless acts of # #bullying NOTHING gets done to improve the situation except for #hate … #love yourself. Am I nervous for the county? Yes.  But I won’t allow myself to worry about it and take over my life either. It’s a #New year and it’s also a 1. New beginnings,  fresh starts. Every decision we make personally at this very second Continue reading Where Are You?

My Life in 2016 

This year has been one of the hardest years that I have had in a very long time. Well, closer too how 2012 went with losing person after person.  Another 4 deaths in a row this year.  Of course nothing close to what it was like losing my father in 2012 but I lost my son’s step father.  It was really hard seeing my boy go through so much inner turmoil.   Continue reading My Life in 2016 



I see, C, sea it,

Set me free,

Let me be,  Continue reading I C